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More About Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids
When selecting a hearing aid, you will find you have a choice between analogue and digital. While the former may be cheaper, the latter is undoubtedly the superior technology and will bring you higher quality sound.Read more...

Hearing Aids Batteries
If you have a digital device, your hearing aid battery is probably of a kind known as "zinc air". These are also commonly used in watches.Read more...

Hearing Aids Reviews
When it comes to hearing aids, one size does not fit all. The degree and nature of your hearing loss will determine what sort of device you will need to bring the best quality of sound back to your life. Read more...

Hidden Hearing Hearing Aids
Hidden Hearing has been in the business for over 35 years and has a wide range of hearing aids to offer.Read more...

Invisible Hearing Aids
You may think that a hearing aid is a necessarily cumbersome and obvious device, but in fact they can be extremely discreet. While invisible hearing aids are not suited to all types of hearing loss, they are still very common. Read more...

Oticon Hearing Aids
If you are buying a hearing aid and want the benefit of experience, Oticon is one possibility you could try.With more than 100 years of business - the firm was established in 1904 by Hans Demant - the company is equipped to assist...Read more...

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Hearing Aids

Which hearing aid is right for you? This is a tough question to answer because there are so many hearing aid solutions on the market – digital hearing aids, analogue hearing aids, invisible hearing aids, not to mention accessories such as hearing aid batteries.

Oticon Epoq Loading image. Please wait
With its revolutionary wireless technology, Epoq signals the start of a bright new era in hearing care. One in which sounds are captured and presented to you the way you meant to hear them. Oticon Epoq devices aren't like ordinary instruments that provide uncoordinated inputs into each ear. Epoqs actually communicate with each other to present a single, balanced picture for your brain to process.
Widex Passion The ExSilent Q dot by ReSound Phonak Milo Plus Phonak Audeo Smart Phonak Audeo Yes Unitron Fuse
Also one of the top hearing aids.
The ExSilent Q is a new type of CIC (Completely In the Canal) hearing aid. It fits perfectly in your ear, becoming virtually invisible. The modular design of the Q makes it unnecessary to make any ear impressions or custom designed earpieces. Instead, the Q is inserted in the ear with a patented soft tip: a highly flexible hypo allergenic soft tip that comes in various sizes, thus enabling the Q to fit in practically all ears, on the spot.
dot by ReSound packs high performance technology into the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid available. Covering up to 97% of all hearing losses, dot by ReSound offers better hearing even in the most difficult listening situations for anyone with a mild to severe hearing loss. All in the smallest, most discreet hearing aid available.
Fulfills the promise that a Phonak is for everyone. Now, you can benefit from essential elements of CORE technology without exceeding your budget. Milo Plus accommodates virtually all degrees of hearing loss, featuring WhistleBlock Technology for feedback free hearing, NoiseBlock Processing, Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV), and more.
Phonak Audeo SMART, the world's smallest hearing system with full wireless functionality, is the choice if you want top performance with manual control and unlimited connectivity. Audeo SMART features SoundRecover for expanded audibility of high frequencies, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, DuoPhone, a peerless telephone solution, and much much more!
One of the best hearing aids on the market.
NEW technology: instant fit in the ear hearing aid.

Where exactly do you start?! It's not an easy question to answer because losing your hearing is a frightening and emotionally-charged experience making it hard to choose a solution in a calm and rationale state of mind.

The good news is that MobilityCompare is here to help you. As long as your hearing loss is correctable, you are almost certain to be able to find the right hearing aid for your own unique circumstances.

Analogue and digital hearing aids

When comparing hearing aids, your first choice is between analogue and digital technology. Analogue hearing aids work on the relatively simple premise of making sounds louder. Their main advantage is that they are cheaper because the technology is relatively simple.

By contrast, digital hearing aids are often preferred because they offer a better, more precise sound.

Essentially they turn analogue data into a digital format and the sound can be customised to fit your hearing loss more precisely. It is even possible to create settings for a digital hearing aid for various types of surroundings.

Hearing aid aesthetics

Many people view hearing aids as cumbersome and unsightly. However, nearly all modern hearing aids now look aesthetically ‘clean’ with slick, state-of-the-art lines and curves.

Some devices sit behind the ear, while others have a box that needs to be worn somewhere on the body. These are usually for people who need a high degree of assistance in their hearing.

Other types of hearing aid sit completely within the ear, while even smaller ones fit right inside the ear canal - although these will probably not suit you if your hearing is severely impaired.

Whatever the level of correction you need, MobilityCompare can help you compare hearing aids and find the one that will best help you to lead a full life.

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